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15 Pieces for the piano by John Sheard.

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Track Listing

1. Sleepers Wake
(J.S.Bach) 3:55
2. The Night Caller
(Sheard) 2:17
3. Shenandoah listen
(Amer. Trad.) 2:54
4. Walk It Home
(Sheard) 3:01
5. Olwen
(Welsh Trad.) 3:49
6. The Rill On The Hill
(Sheard) 3:32
7. 88 Radiate
(Sheard) 4:59
8. L'Ange Errant
(Sheard) 4:05
9. Blue Orleans
(Sheard) 4:01
10. The Infected Spy
(Sheard) 2:27
11. Aurelia listen
(S.S.Wesley) 3:01
12. The Thick Plottens
(Sheard) 1:44
13. Girl In The Yellow Hat
(Sheard) 3:01
14. Lullaby Of Birdland listen
(Shearing/Weiss) 4:47
15. Vita Brevis (Sheard) 1:22


All songs John Sheard/Diverse Music Socan 2007

All arrangements by John Sheard
Produced by John Sheard

Recorded on a Yamaha C-7 piano
at Metalworks Studio, Mississauga, Ontario
Engineered by L. Stu Young
Assisted by Kevin Dietz and Wayne Cochrane
Sound Editing by Ryan Granville-Martin
Mixed by L. Stu Young at Trubble Clef
Assisted by Taras Blyzniuk
Mastered by Nick Rawson

Manufactured by MMS

Cover Design: John Sheard & Don Rooke
Design & Photography: Don Rooke

To the listener: I have tried to weave a musical and perhaps an emotional thread through the pieces I have composed or chosen for this recording. Whether or not that is evident, I hope at least this music will afford a few moments of pleasure.

For the curious among you, there are 88 keys on a piano.

88 Radiate is the medley of popular piano pieces John plays at Vinyl Cafe shows.

'Aurelia' is the tune from the hymn:
'The Church's One Foundation' from the 1937 Anglican Hymnal.
'Olwen' is the old Welsh tune from the hymn 'All Poor Men And Humble'.

To my family and friends for their heartening support.
To Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe for my hour upon the stage. To Don Rooke for going above and beyond. To L. Stu Young for coming across for the proletariat.

To my Michele always.

All seems infected that the infected spy as all looks yellow to the jaundiced eye.
~ Alexander Pope





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