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14 Piano Solos
Performed by John Sheard

A little something for everyone; from Bacharach to seasonal fare to the Theme from Vinyl Cafe, plus 9 original compositions by John Sheard.

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Track Listing

1. Loch Lomond 5:03 trad sample

2. El Condor Pasa 4:07 Robles sample

3. Firmament 4:38 Sheard

4. White Thorn 4:46 Sheard sample

5. La Pintora (para Lupe) 4:10 Sheard

6. Vinyl Cafe Theme
and 10 Variations 4:30 Sheard

7. Lonesome Cossack 4:25 Sheard sample

8. Trains and Boats and Planes 5:16 Bacharach/David sample

9. Mourning Maid 3:24 Sheard

10. Playful Sleighful 5:20 Sheard

11. La Rêve 2:55 Sheard

12. O Come Emmanuel
/ See Amid the Winter’s Snow
4:57 trad sample

13. The Navy Hymn 4:17 Dykes

14. Dance of the Saint 6:06 Sheard sample

total running time 64:30


Produced and performed by John Sheard.

Voices on 'The Navy Hymn' and 'Trains and Boats and Planes': Cherie Camp and Michelle Willis.

Engineered by Bernie Cisternas at Number 9 Audio and Jeremy Darby at Canterbury Music Co. Mixed by Stu Young at Loudmouth Studios. Mastered by Nick Rawson. Edited by Ryan Granville-Martin.

Cover watercolour and CD layout: Baye Hunter.

Vinyl Cafe Theme Variations

The 10 variations on the Vinyl Cafe theme 'Happy Meeting in Glory' (trad) are: 1. Klondike 2. Russian 3. Blues 4. Mozart 5. Latin 6. Miles Davis 7. Jerry Lee Lewis 8. Frank Mills 9. Canadian Cowboy 10. Ragtime.

I liked the 'Russian' variation so much that I let it evolve into something grander. I named the creation 'Lonesome Cossack'.


Special thanks to:

Baye for her lovely painting and patience.

George Rondina and Neal Ramakrishnan at Number 9 for piano fussing. Stuart McLean for the stage to lean on. Michele Harney - my best audience of one.


This recording is dedicated to the memory of John McKane Lowrey 1951-2010 - Irish singer, guitarist, punster, bon vivant and my very good friend for thirty years.







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