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12 Piano Solos
Performed by John Sheard

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Track Listing

1. Crimond
(Irvine) – 3:15

2. Vesper   listen
(Sheard) – 5:45

3. McKenna’s Back In Town (Sheard) 3:45

4. See Amid The Winter’s Snow (Trad) – 2:35

Trois Petites Valses

5. L’Horloger (Sheard) – 4:30

6. Les Trois Soeurs
(Sheard) – 9:20

7. La Russe
(Sheard) – 7:47

8. The Coventry Carol *
(Trad) – 6:20

9. Vinyl Overture
(Sheard) – 4:15

10. Credo
(Sheard) – 3:22

11. I’ve Got The World On A String
(Arlen/Koehler) – 3:50

12. Nocturnus
(Sheard) – 3:45

Running time: 60:12

‘McKenna’s Back In Town’ is dedicated to the great
stride player Dave McKenna, to whom I owe a huge
musical debt and who just keeps on being the king in
his own humble way. Please buy his recordings.

‘Crimond’ was composed by Jessie Seymour Irvine
in the late 1870’s and finally credited to her in the
Scottish Psalter in 1929.

‘Les Trois Soeurs’ is written for Sarah, Liza and Mia.

Produced by John Sheard

Recorded live at Lydian Sound and Modular Music
on two lovely Yamaha C-7 Grand Pianos

Special Thanks:

Above all to Joe, Glo and les trois soeurs
for their support which is and always has been
above and beyond the call of family.

Always to Michele Harney, my heroine of song and story.

Additional acknowledgements:

David Jang for his expertise and generosity;
Don Rooke for graciously taking photos on short notice;
David Hartman for website design and implementation.
Also to the Vinyl Café family and fans for their kind encouragement.








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